Gutfeld on the Democrats’ want to call and disgrace Trump supporters


It is a rush transcript from “The 5″ November 10, 2020. This copy will not be in its last kind and could also be up to date.  


DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: Howdy, everybody. I’m Dana Perino, together with Katie Pavlich, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, and Greg Gutfeld. It is 5:00 in New York Metropolis. That is THE FIVE. The election struggle removed from over, Legal professional Normal William Barr giving the inexperienced gentle to the Justice Division to analyze allegations of voter fraud, and the Trump marketing campaign is continuous to file authorized challenges to election outcomes.


It comes as prime Republicans say they’re supporting the president’s efforts. Senator Mitch McConnell thinks Trump is inside his proper to maneuver ahead.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Anybody who’s working working for workplace can exhaust considerations about counting in any court docket of applicable jurisdiction. It is common. It shouldn’t be alarming. In some unspecified time in the future right here, we are going to discover out lastly who was licensed in every of those states, and the Electoral Faculty will decide the winner.




PERINO: And President-elect Joe Biden is responding to Trump’s election challenges.




JOE BIDEN (D) UNITED STATES PRESIDENT-ELECT: The truth that they don’t seem to be keen to acknowledge we gained at this level just isn’t of a lot consequence in our planning in what we’re capable of do between now and January 20th. I simply suppose it is a humiliation, fairly frankly. I feel it is not going to assist the president’s legacy.




PERINO: All proper. Let’s take it across the half circle right here. Katie, let’s begin with you.


KATIE PAVLICH, FOX NEWS HOST: Nicely, I feel if you take a look at the lawsuits which can be being filed and the arguments being made by the Trump marketing campaign and also you take a look at the Democrats’ response who hold saying there is not any proof of any wrongdoing. Nicely, we now have some proof of wrongdoing and irregularities.


Now we have notes from ballot watchers about issues that didn’t match up in plenty of totally different states. The query goes to be whether or not they can use that in court docket. However when it comes to the requirements right here, Democrats dragged this nation by means of a two-year Particular Counsel investigation. And what that investigation principally was, was an investigation into fraud for the earlier election.


It price taxpayers $32 million. It tore the nation aside. And on the finish, after the investigation, it proved nothing. So if Democrats can do this to the nation, I feel it is OK for Republicans and the Trump marketing campaign, to undergo and take a look at these circumstances piece by piece to try to guarantee that if one particular person was disenfranchised by fraud that they repair it for the subsequent time.


As a result of as they’ve stated, that is about future elections, not simply the election of President Trump. And I discover it fascinating that Democrats who’re continually screaming about voter intimidation, voter disenfranchisement, are actually not wanting to take a look at something in relation to perhaps the chance that there have been some issues in an election the place the foundations have been modified midway by means of an election.


We had mass mail-in voting in locations like we have by no means seen earlier than, and perhaps we should always study from a number of the classes that we have seen right here about find out how to cope with this in future elections.


PERINO: Greg, I heard you singing so many nice factors to make.




PERINO: I need to flip it over to you.


GUTFELD: I identical to that Joe Biden is so involved about Trump’s legacy. Yeah, after principally calling him a Hitler in his marketing campaign advert and labeling all of his supporters racist. It’s best to actually fear about your legacy. I additionally — one of many issues that strikes me is how nervous the Democrats are about shifting on.


They’re like a pair of highschool cheerleaders in a foul neighborhood frantically attempting to name Uber. Get me out of right here. Sorry, guys. You are on a distinct time clock proper now. And what McConnell says is true. You are going to have to take a seat and wait this out. I get a sense that principally authorized is now the principally peaceable, proper?


Bear in mind, they stated that 93 % of the protests have been principally peaceable, that left 7 %. However I hate to inform you you do not want seven % to throw a nationwide election. You do not even want two %. You may get, like, lower than one % in very particular counties. So we’re not — so the concept of them saying, like, that there is no such thing as a widespread fraud.


Nobody’s arguing that. What they’re speaking about is in particular locations, in very particular locations. There’s one thing bizarre occurring. And oddly, all these issues which can be bizarre went in a single course. None of these issues helped Trump. All of them miraculously, coincidentally went within the course to assist Joe.


I noticed lots of people on-line evaluating the Republican response to Stacey Abrams dropping to, like, you already know, how I did not care, no one cared. There’s a distinction between the shut race with Stacey Abrams dropping and what’s occurring now. For 4 years, Stacey Abrams wasn’t painted as a Nazi, OK? There was no ethical crucial to cheat.


While you name someone a Nazi, there’s a ethical crucial that claims underneath all circumstances you may attempt to unseat that particular person, OK? That wasn’t there. Quantity two, Republican’s are much less prone to cheat as a result of they know the media’s not going to cowl for them, proper? However Democrats know that as a result of they’re all on the identical aspect.


And quantity three, Stacey Abrams, there was solely knowledge level, her in Georgia. You’ve got Arizona. You’ve got Pennsylvania. You’ve got Wisconsin and you have got Georgia right here. And once more, all of the weirdness went in a single course, so I feel I’ve proved that this election is fraudulent. Thanks, America.


PERINO: All proper. Juan Williams, let’s get your tackle this.


JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS HOST: I suppose when you do not have the information, you simply pound the desk.


GUTFELD: What was the lie there, Juan?




WILLIAMS: That is unbelievable– it is unbelievable that individuals need to argue every little thing however the query that’s earlier than us, which is the place is there proof of any fraudulent mass effort that may impression the election?




WILLIAMS: And I simply — it is simply unbelievable. It is damaging to the credibility of our electoral course of, our democracy. And they need to take accountability. I’m with folks like Chris Christie, Pat Toomey, and different Republicans who’ve stated put up or shut up.




WILLIAMS: Do it. There isn’t a proof at this juncture, in any other case, we would not be having this dialogue. They’d be in court docket making their case. And we’re per week after the election. They’ve zilch. So what you’ve got acquired right here is all these allegations come all the way down to trying like a con job, as a result of guess what, the Republican Occasion is on the market sending out emails asking for cash to pursue the authorized effort. Oh, for what, one thing they haven’t any proof to show.


GUTFELD: Form of like Russian collusion.




WILLIAMS: I feel it is Lindsey Graham who let the cat out of the bag. Lindsey Graham stated if we do not struggle now, Republicans is not going to win any future elections. Why, as a result of mail-in voting, early voting, permitting to folks quick access to the ballot. Apparently, he does not suppose Republicans could make a convincing case to the American folks with out participating in this sort of effort to demoralize our belief within the American democratic system of elections.


PAVLICH: OK. However Juan, the left — aspect of the political aisle that demoralized —




PAVLICH: Nevertheless it’s not. As a result of if you are going to put into doubt the election of the final 4 years beforehand and switch round and say, oh, abruptly every little thing is ok with out folks asking questions. The left are those who used authorities as a weapon. After which when there have been questions in regards to the election, you guys sowed the doubt within the electoral system.


They’re those who’re saying let’s do away with the Electoral Faculty. Eliminate it does not go our means. Overturn the Electoral Faculty, so that you guys sowed the doubt within the first place now that Republicans —




WILLIAMS: What you might be saying is what about — you guys did this and tit for tat. However bear in mind, Russian interference was confirmed by U.S. intelligence, not partisan individuals who stated Russia interfered in 2016 and that there was cause for us to verify on it, OK? In order that’s one factor to say. And the second factor to say is what we’re coping with here’s a request, per week after the election, to say let’s get proof on the desk or let’s transfer on.




WILLIAMS: And also you guys haven’t any proof.


PAVLICH: Jesse, do you could have any proof?


JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: Nothing is extra necessary than the integrity of our election. Who stated that? Juan Williams stated it.


WILLIAMS: I agree.


WATTERS: I’ve him on tape saying it a number of occasions. So now, we’ll Juan at his phrase. We will on the market and we’ll guarantee that this election had integrity.




WATTERS: A number of analogies —




WATTERS: Say there is a pitcher on the market, Juan, and he is throwing some filthy stuff. And we’ve not seen a pitcher like this throw stuff like this, balls shifting all around the plate. All we need to know, let’s verify his glove. Let’s verify his belt buckle. Let’s verify his hat. If every little thing checks out, he is good to go. That is all we wish. How about this? A automotive swerving all around the street, officer pulls up, an odor of alcohol emanating from the driving force’s seat. Would you wish to step out of the automotive, sir? Perhaps do a discipline sobriety take a look at. Perhaps even blow the breathalyzer. If he blows underneath, let him to go. However you guys are refusing to blow. You are even refusing to step out of the automotive. You’re resisting arrest.


It is just like the IRS. You see some suspicious transactions, form of like when the Moscow woman despatched a pair million to Hunter. It throws a crimson flag up. Routine audit, open the books, let’s test it out. That is the way it works. You do not want proof straight away. You simply want the allegation. And you have not been watching.


They’ve a number of signed, sworn affidavits from ballot employees in Wayne County, Clark County, saying they witnessed the fraud. They witnessed the backdating of the ballots. They witnessed suspicious poll dumping, harvesting of lifeless folks. That is on the books. So let’s simply take a look at it. And I wager after we take a look at it, there’s extra proof of fraud then there was of collusion, and that was zero.


WILLIAMS: I feel you’ve got acquired nothing.


WATTERS: And if it does not occur and we do not see it is sufficient, I am superb with it. I feel the American — you stated that you simply needed to heal.




WILLIAMS: Oh, yeah, that is serving to.




PERINO: All proper. Up subsequent, President-elect Joe Biden is planning to undo a lot of President Trump’s insurance policies, what he’s focusing on for day one, forward.




WILLIAMS: President-elect Joe Biden planning to undo a slew of President Trump’s insurance policies on day one. Biden making ready govt orders, too. And right here, I’ll provide you with an inventory. Rejoin the Paris Local weather Settlement, reinstate DACA for the so-called dreamers, and he may even rejoin the World Well being Group.


Lastly, Biden needs to repeal President Trump’s journey ban on Muslim international locations. There are additionally reviews that Joe Biden needs to cease future border wall development. So Jesse, I used to be pondering, I needed to ask you. President Trump made a present of utilizing govt orders to reverse President Obama’s agenda, wipe out his legacy. So why cannot Biden play by the identical guidelines?


WATTERS: He can do no matter he needs. That is superb. The way in which I see a Biden time period is that this. McConnell goes to dam probably the most radical stuff within the Senate. Nancy’s margins are fairly small within the Home, so no radical sweeping laws. And the court docket is strong proper. So with these items appear form of ticky-tack, you already know?  


How do you cease development of the border wall, Juan, if Trump by no means constructed the border wall? I imply, DACA is already in place. And rejoining the WHO, that is superb. However should you’re not going to enact any reforms wanted after the disaster with China, then that is silly. After which rejoining Paris Local weather, these are simply targets.


These aren’t enforceable anyway, so that does not actually matter to me. What considerations me a couple of Biden presidency are three issues. He is a member of the lockdown cult. So I really feel like if somebody says lock it down, he locks it down, and that simply destroys the restoration. The gun stuff scares me as a result of he does not know a factor about weapons.


Each time he opens his mouth, you may inform he is not a gun man. And if Beto is in cost and if he does one thing with an govt order with weapons, that might tear the nation aside. And third, international wars, each intuition that Biden has had on international coverage has been mistaken. We have stated he’s just like the George Costanza of international coverage.


All the things he ought to do, he does the other. And that worries me, as a result of it might get us entangled in one other actually bloody quagmire.


WILLIAMS: All proper. So Katie, on local weather change, I feel it is clear most Individuals need some motion. So are the Republicans working the danger of trying like obstructionist sore losers?


PAVLICH: Not if elections have penalties. They usually hold the Senate and to have a larger majority within the Home, which we’re seeing even immediately, there are extra Republican girls immediately who flip seats even in California. So I do not — that is the usual. However, you already know, the questions that I ask once I take a look at these insurance policies, like, getting again into the World Well being Group.


What has the WHO ever performed for the US of America, particularly within the final yr? They’ve fully been in been in mattress with China. They’re a part of the explanation why we now have a pandemic as a result of they lined up for the Chinese language about how contagious this factor was. The Paris Local weather Settlement, you requested, you already know, Individuals need some options to this.


Nicely, they’ve been getting options to local weather change by means of the free market. And really, we decreased our emissions by extra exterior of the Paris Local weather Settlement than we did whereas we have been in it. So principally, loads of that is simply American taxpayers sending their cash to deprave organizations that cowl for communist regimes which trigger world pandemics that we have been paying for, each with American lives and thru lock downs on our financial system for months now.


WILLIAMS: OK. So Greg, choosing up on what Jesse was saying in regards to the wall, I feel — once I checked out Wikipedia, you stated —




WATTERS: Wikipedia.




WATTERS: That is the place you went to analysis?


WILLIAMS: No. I went to Politifact, Wikipedia, and the New York Occasions.


WATTERS: It’s best to see what Wikipedia stated about me.




PERINO: I’ll go look it up.


WATTERS: Pretend information.


WILLIAMS: All proper, all proper. Anyway, so Greg, should not you be mad at Trump for not constructing the wall he promised and never getting Mexico to pay for it, versus being mad at Biden for saying let’s cease this farce?


GUTFELD: I do not know. Perhaps you need to ask all these Hispanics that voted for Trump. Anyway —




WILLIAMS: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Two-thirds plus of Hispanics voted towards Trump.




GUTFELD: However I do know information confuse you.






WILLIAMS: — and also you need to rejoice a bit of margin.


GUTFELD: You have to go take a look at the numbers. I requested you to. I believed that Biden was purported to be a centrist. Weren’t we being offered on that? Wasn’t America offered on that? And but, I imply, him calling himself a centrist after which bringing again the Paris rip-off, it is like calling your self a vegetarian consuming a McRib sandwich proper after.


Joe can be an fool to undo these items as a result of it should create job loss, increased taxes, and a recession. And what’s that going to do? You are going to open the door for the return of the mac daddy. In 2024, it should be 2016 over again. It is going to replay precisely — you snicker, however that is what occurred.




GUTFELD: — the factor is he is already going to have folks hero standing. And if Biden completely screws the pooch whereas sniffing its hair, you are going to see Trump come again on hearth. And — I do not know. I might shut up there, however I had one other actually good level. He is acquired to comprehend he wasn’t elected to be a leftist.


He was elected as a result of these individuals who voted for him did not like Trump. They favored Trump’s insurance policies, however they did not like Trump’s character. So he simply ought to see himself as Trump gentle (ph). And simply, like, do not tweet however simply proceed the insurance policies. Belief me, that may work sufficient for everyone. No person needs Greta Thunberg with hairplugs.


WILLIAMS: All proper. I do not suppose that local weather change is such a radical concept.


GUTFELD: That accord is. It’s best to take a look at it.




WILLIAMS: Dana, most Individuals — and right here (ph) I am saying throughout political strains. Republicans and Democrats need these younger individuals who got here to this nation, introduced right here by their dad and mom illegally, however now have — our (ph) time period dreamers to have a path to citizenship, so why struggle it?


PERINO: Nicely, OK. So should you stay by the chief order, you may die by the chief order. And so the president was by no means capable of get laws performed. Obama wasn’t capable of get laws performed. do we predict they may be capable to get laws performed? Do we predict on this divided authorities that they’re going to be capable to get laws performed?


I do not suppose so. So I’d think about that an govt order might be going to occur. I feel that’s really one of many ones he’ll do on day one. I feel the local weather factor is so symbolic that we should not care about it.




PERINO: Proper? And the opposite factor in regards to the local weather piece, as Katie talked about, our numbers for emissions are means underneath, even what these targets can be. A part of the explanation hat is as a result of we now have extra pure fuel. The place did we get pure fuel? We get pure fuel from fracking. So if the Biden administration actually needs to maintain emissions down they usually care in regards to the local weather, they need to depart fracking alone.


WILLIAMS: I feel that is what he stated he would do on personal lands. The query is —  


PERINO: Federal lands.




WILLIAMS: All proper. Developing, Democratic Occasion infighting, it is boiling over after robust election losses, extra moderates calling out the social gathering assist for progressive insurance policies, subsequent for you on THE FIVE.




WATTERS: Democrats tearing into one another after some robust election losses. Centrist Congressman Tim Ryan calling out the far left, saying quote, “our model just isn’t good. Now we have 70 million individuals who both hate us or are afraid of us or consider there’s this huge unfold socialism in our social gathering. It’s why we misplaced so many seats within the Home, or some seats have been rather a lot nearer than we needed.”


And average Senator Joe Manchin says he will not assist radical concepts of Democrats’ take over the Senate.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I actually that consider Chuck Schumer can work with Mitch McConnell. I consider that in my hear and soul that we will take a look at issues once we can. I’ve taken off the desk. Neglect about packing the courts. Neglect in regards to the filibuster. Neglect about blowing issues up. They have been utilizing that as a scare tactic, Dana. That is what is going on to occur.  




WATTERS: However Nancy Pelosi nonetheless appeasing the progressives. She refused to denounce socialism after Fox Information reached out to her workplace a number of occasions for remark. Greg, how might she not reply to a easy Fox Information request?


GUTFELD: She’s not going to take the bait, Jesse. She’s means too sensible for that. Look, here is my drawback. I have been on this planet. I am about in my mid-30s.




GUTFELD: I’ve by no means seen the social gathering not transfer left. Like, each time there’s this dialogue, it isn’t like there’s by no means ever a correction. I imply, I keep in mind that Invoice Clinton was purported to be a correction, after which I keep in mind that Obama — no, every little thing at all times strikes left. And the explanation why is as a result of that is what the media needs. The media is the third social gathering on this.


It isn’t simply the left and the far left of the Democrats. The media is much, far left. I’ve by no means seen a single, vital piece about — within the mainstream media come about AOC or anyone from The Squad. I’ve by no means seen it. You would actually marry your brother on Fifth Avenue, and the New York Occasions would champion your loved ones values.


I am severe — like, that entire story. Like, it simply — it is like — there is not any such factor of it shifting again to the middle. It by no means does.


WATTERS: Juan, they stated that, you already know, Biden can be elected and the Republicans would begin working with the Democrats, and every little thing would return to regular. Do you see that taking place?


WILLIAMS: Not in the mean time. They appear locked into being obstructionists. I do not know. I do not get it. I do not perceive why they’re going off on this enterprise about fraud as an alternative of claiming you already know what, Joe Biden, you gained. Let’s work collectively. That, I feel, can be wholesome for the nation.


WILLIAMS: Do you suppose McConnell and Chuck Schumer are going to interrupt bread and ensure every little thing is bipartisan, as a result of Joe Biden delivered.


WILLIAMS: No, no, no. However I feel — I imply, that is our historical past. By the way in which, this has occurred previously. Republicans and Democrats used to have the ability to work collectively. I feel we’re in a very polarized place. It isn’t nice. I’ll say this, although. Democrats actually are a giant tent social gathering. And I am undecided you are choosing up on that.


They should compromise with a view to hold their caucus collectively in a really huge means. And we have seen this within the latest previous. Bear in mind, amongst Democrats, Obamacare was a compromise. The financial stimulus plan that helped the auto business get better after the recession, that was a compromise amongst Democrats. And politically, AOC and Bernie actually, on this previous election, guess what.


They compromised when it comes to supporting Joe Biden. They didn’t stand in the way in which and make a giant fuss and inform folks on the left, oh, he isn’t your man. He isn’t sufficiently radical, so do not vote for him. They did not do this. They did not do this in any respect.


GUTFELD: Bernie — he was working for president.


WATTERS: I feel AOC — I feel AOC and the socialists suppose they’ve extra juice, Katie, than they really have as a result of she endorsed Bernie. Bernie flamed out. Clyburn, he endorsed Joe Biden, and he acquired the nomination.


PAVLICH: Sure. However the problem right here is that Democrats, with a view to hold the center of the nation proceed to say that socialism or communism aren’t huge components of their social gathering. They’re completely huge components of their social gathering. You may have Bernie Sanders —


WILLIAMS: Wait, communism?


PAVLICH: Do you need to speak about Bernie Sanders and the Cubans?


WILLIAMS: Oh, my God.


PAVLICH: We do not have all day so I will not go down that.


WILLIAMS: Communism, Katie? Communism?


PAVLICH: Sure, communism. Look it up. Bernie Sanders thinks that Cuban communism and the well being care system in America is an efficient — is what we should always emulate in the US when it comes to Medicare for all and government-run well being care.


However we do not have time to undergo Bernie Sanders’ report in relation to, I do not know, honeymooning in the us when it was nonetheless a communist nation. However we’ll transfer on to what I used to be going to say, which is, Democrats proceed to try to alienate this leftist a part of their social gathering that may be very aggressive whereas additionally conserving them shut as a result of they know they should work with them.


Bernie Sanders ran for president twice. He is very profitable, nearly beat Hillary Clinton. You may have AOC on the duvet of magazines with Nancy Pelosi. And look, they cannot denounce socialists now as a result of Kamala Harris is the vice president-elect, allegedly, in line with Fox Information calling it.


And you already know, her entire platform is socialism. She’s the Inexperienced New Deal. She stated she needs to do away with personal insurance coverage. And ObamaCare, by the way in which, was not a compromise, it was a primary step to Medicare for all and government-run medical insurance, which we’re seeing Joe Biden speak about simply immediately when he gave that speech earlier.


WATTERS: You may see the fault strains forming within the social gathering and also you’re right here for it.


PERINO: I can’t await all of it. I form of been thought that this might occur like since 2015 when Bernie Sanders was on the scene. I am like, OK, right here it’s. It is coming over the wall. However then they held it collectively due to — they have been towards Trump. That was a unifying power for them. And now, they do not essentially have that. And it is all enjoying out within the open, which is loads of enjoyable.


I additionally suppose, although, that, you already know, Senator Manchin, he simply communicate as a average, however loads of his votes are to what Greg’s level was, is that their left, loads of them. He voted towards tax cuts, voted for impeachment, voted towards Amy Coney Barrett, voted towards the COVID reduction offers.


And so, you could have this case the place you could have some like Joe Manchin recommend that it is a Republican scare tactic to carry up court-packing, for instance. However Republicans did not say that first, Chuck Schumer did. So, you will see this additionally in Georgia. And so — I do know we’re not speaking about rather a lot about Georgia, however we should always, as a result of that is the place all of the marbles. That is that’s actually for all of the marbles.


So, he says issues to at least one viewers, after which one other to someone else. So, he stated it was necessary that funding for police departments ought to completely be on the road. OK, he stated that. However he was working advertisements in rural Georgia saying that he stands with the police and he did the identical issues on weapons. He went on MSNBC saying one factor, he ran advert saying one other. So, it is simply, you already know, bear in mind.


WATTERS: Typical Democrat. Critically, what’s with these folks? Developing – –


GUTFELD: That is must be a phase.


WATTERS: — some on the far left and within the media are making an inventory to cancel Trump supporters. Greg’s monologue is subsequent on that.




GUTFELD: Because the media and Democrats preach therapeutic, their loudest voices are planning one thing else. They name it accountability, nevertheless it’s really retribution. Two weeks in the past, I described how Robert Reich acquired the ball rolling suggesting that the left title and disgrace anybody linked to Trump. The bearded bozo exposes the sinister underbelly of the so-called tolerant left, salivating on the likelihood for revenge.


Then there’s Hari Sevugan — I do not suppose I acquired that proper. A former Obama spokesman who touted the Trump accountability venture, which vows to maintain anybody Trump employed from getting work. Their motto, “Bear in mind what they did.”


Others have since joined the vengeful mob. There’s Chris Hayes leaping in, the Philly Enquirer, The Nation, the at all times pleasant AOC. And who might neglect this deranged crust nugget?




JENNIFER RUBIN, COLUMNIST, WASHINGTON POST: Shunning, shaming these folks is a press release of ethical indignation that these individuals are not match for well mannered society. It isn’t solely that Trump has to lose, however that each one his enablers should lose. They should — we now have to collectively, in essence, burn down the Republican Occasion. Now we have to stage them as a result of if there are survivors, if there are individuals who climate this storm, they may do it once more.




GUTFELD: She’s gross. No marvel Trump voters have been shy across the media’s nosy pollsters. The aspect of peace needs to tear you to items. It is by no means been about compromise until it is changing compromise. I simply want they’d put on brown shirts, so we might acknowledge them.


However this is not new. It started years in the past earlier than this election, shutting down audio system, banning folks from media platforms, canceled tradition that delusional woke-ism that energizes the mob within the streets and politics and in media. Folks dropping jobs and companies, criminals burning buildings, so why not a witch hunt? It suits.


Think about the reverse after a Trump win. His followers vowing create a MAGA Inquisition. You may’t think about it as a result of we’re regular. We see folks earlier than we see energy. And that is all about energy. For us, energy is only a managed substance. However for the left, as soon as they get a whiff, they freebase the entire stash. Then of their feverish excessive, they get the munchies. Sorry, you are the meal.


So Jessie, if I am not on an inventory, or should you’re not on an inventory — I believed you and I are on an inventory. I higher be above you on the record.


WATTERS: And also you should be above me on that record. You recognize what would, I feel, do away with this cycle of revenge politics?




WATTERS: Alcohol. It wasn’t too way back have been congressmen used to go after one another, then they’d exit ingesting, and doing God is aware of what until the solar comes up. They usually acquired to know one another they usually bonded. And that was when Democrats used to suppose Republicans have been evil. They have been simply grasping.




WATTERS: Let’s return to you guys simply pondering we’re grasping. I feel AOC on this Washington Submit lady ought to go to the Hay-Adams after, you already know, leaving Capitol Hill. Perhaps Pompeyo ought to come over with Gaetz and Sarah Sanders. And they need to simply knock again drinks till the —


PERINO: It does assist.


WATTERS: After which — after which they get to know one another. They have been precise folks. Like when Juan and I went out until three:00 a.m. to the Black Eyed Peas live performance. Juan does not need to cancel me now and put me on the record as a result of we bonded. We bonded that night time and we’ll always remember it.


PERINO: It is true.


GUTFELD: I’ve simply extra disgusted that you simply went to a Black Eyed Peas live performance. That music is hideous. So, Juan, you could have — on one aspect, you could have your chief saying it is time for therapeutic. However then you could have this undercurrent of individuals saying not so quick, Buster.


WILLIAMS: Wait a second, wait a second. You are saying about folks earlier than energy. And as I perceive it immediately, or is it yesterday, the President fires the Protection Secretary.


GUTFELD: Sure. That is not canceling.


WILLIAMS: He goes out — wait, that is not cancelling? OK, after which he goes after — he goes after the one who does our nationwide local weather change evaluation, proper? Oh, he simply will get rid — so, I suppose that is about energy, would not you say, when he must be preventing —


GUTFELD: No, you are not making any sense.


WILLIAMS: He must be — he must be preventing the virus. He must be doing issues which can be about constructive efforts to assist America.


GUTFELD: You are not even addressing the story.


WILLIAMS: And he is concerned with folks, and also you say, oh, no, Democrats put energy earlier than — I feel I see right here energy performs on a regular basis.


GUTFELD: You miss my level. Let’s return to the record.


WILLIAMS: Nicely, I take your level — I take your level as a result of you already know what, if folks even right here on this present, once we make errors, folks name us on it. Once we inform lies, folks name us on it. If we are saying — so, why is it that you simply say oh, it is horrible that individuals now need to say that people who find themselves concerned with enabling Trump must be held accountable. It appears to me there must be penalties for dangerous habits.


GUTFELD: All proper. So, there must be penalties for anyone that helps Trump. Nicely performed, Juan.


WATTERS: Nicely, what sort of penalties?


WILLIAMS: What sort of penalties? If a company, if I am working a company, I say, you already know what, I feel this particular person did one thing that damages our democracy, our sense of functions to the American folks, as a result of I really like America.


PAVLICH: I do not suppose you need to go down that street.


WATTERS: So, you would not rent anyone that labored for Donald Trump?


WILLIAMS: No. I do not know the way I might really feel about them.


WATTERS: They’re un-hirable?


WILLIAMS: It depends upon who it’s. I do not know.


WATTERS: All proper, Juan.


GUTFELD: Holy crap.


PAVLICH: That is a bizarre candor.


GUTFELD: You may have gone to the satan, Juan.


WILLIAMS: There we go.


GUTFELD: You — I imply, what you simply stated is that individuals will be punished for having a distinct opinion that you simply. That is so low for you.


WILLIAMS: No, I didn’t say that. Are you kidding? I stay right here, I am with a distinct opinion. What are you speaking about?


GUTFELD: That is what you stated. All proper, Katie.


PAVLICH: Nicely, I’d say that the Hay-Adams is much too elegant an institution for Jennifer Rubin. And I like all these people who find themselves, you already know, getting placed on the record they usually’re like, carry it on. I do not care about your silly record. I imply, the explanation why there are extra Trump voters this time round is strictly due to these acts of bullying.


Folks I talked to who perhaps weren’t political or individuals who’ve modified from being extra liberal to conservative speak about this precise problem, how they get bullied and witch-hunted into not with the ability to be employed just because they disagree with the established order mainstream media narrative about how they’re purported to suppose. And in America, we’re free-thinking. That is what we satisfaction ourselves on.


And it is anti-American to make lists of individuals to destroy their lives simply because they labored for somebody that you simply disagree with.


GUTFELD: No, I am not going to match them to Hitler or Nazis as a result of I do not do this. However they’re form of like Nazis, Dana. It is a harmful development, although. I imply, because of this you could have shy voters. The quantity of shy voters is simply going to develop.


PERINO: What Katie was saying when it comes to this really moved voters, a pal of mine labored for a number of months on with suburban folks, not simply girls, mixture of women and men. They talked to them each week. They speak in regards to the points. And when cancel tradition was huge within the information, that was just like the primary motivating issue for them to not vote for Democrats.


It does not imply that they essentially love voting for Trump, however they have been undoubtedly not going to assist the Democrats. And once more, identical to this man, John Ossoff, the Democrat in Georgia, he had — he stated, he didn’t need Trump supporters to ever be capable to present their faces once more.




PERINO: I imply, come on now. How are you going to heal if you acquired language like that?


GUTFELD: Additionally, Trump supporters are means higher trying than Biden supporters. If anyone just isn’t going to point out their face, it must be Biden supporters.


WILLIAMS: Wait a minute, I believed you stated all these Hollywood sorts have been Democrats.


GUTFELD: Oh, sure. They usually’re all hideous.


WILLIAMS: Oh, I see.


GUTFELD: It is all of the make-up. I ought to know. I put on a great deal of it. Forward, one other huge COVID improvement after yesterday’s large vaccine information.




PAVLICH: Nicely, that ought to come as no shock, a British dictionary naming lockdown as its phrase of the yr. It comes as some huge cities contemplate the potential for shutting down once more resulting from rising Coronavirus circumstances. However there’s extra gentle on the finish of the tunnel. After yesterday’s good vaccine information, the FDA now granting emergency authorization for the Eli Lilly Antibody Remedy.


So, Jesse, ideas on one other lockdown.


WATTERS: I imply, liberals love these lockdowns as a result of they get to cease capitalism they usually get to say they’re doing it to save lots of lives. So, for a liberal, I imply, that could be a dream come true and that it isn’t scientific although. You solely wanted one lockdown. Fauci stated, you solely needed to do it as soon as since you needed to purchase time to verify hospitals have been prepared with the PPE and the therapeutics.


And now they’re prepared. They’re locked and loaded and we’re now at like six % nationwide COVID hospitalization capability. So, in like a Northeastern metropolis within the wintertime, to lock down, you already know, tens of 1000’s of multi- generational households and small tenements, I imply, that could be a recipe for catastrophe particularly as a result of loads of them in these neighborhoods are Hispanics, Black Individuals, sadly extra prone to getting COVID-19. That may be a harmful miscalculation.


PAVLICH: Sure. And, Dana, in New York, they discovered that after the primary lockdown, really 63 % of latest circumstances got here from individuals who have been really locked down.


PERINO: Proper, not people who work. I feel that we now have figured it out like how one can go to work. Masks up, wash your fingers, be socially — like we’re not — we’re not sitting proper right here giving one another hugs as a lot as I’d like to hug all of you. You recognize, you simply should be sensible. And I do not suppose you will see loads of lockdowns. I actually do not.


PAVLICH: However, Greg, there are folks sharing champagne bottles within the streets and placing their masks again on.


GUTFELD: Sure, however that is OK as a result of Biden, you already know, gained so you may exit and rejoice. However God forbid, you go to church, then you might be –just you’re a tremendous spreader. However you already know, you see — you see Biden say he’ll win, all people goes out and no one cares. I feel the phrase — the phrase of the day must be — or two phrases, loss of life charges which have been declining dramatically, and the media does not cowl it sufficient.


The media focuses on new circumstances. The explanation why you see new circumstances, testing. As we take a look at extra, you get an increasing number of circumstances as a result of it is so prevalent. For those who take a look at, you are going to discover it. So, it should rise the extra you take a look at it. However the excellent news is individuals are changing into extra resilient for some cause, I do not know, with the sickness. So, we must be getting our lives again to regular. And bear in mind the World Well being Group stated that lockdowns do not work.




PERINO: Proper.


PAVLICH: Juan, last phrase to you on the lockdown fiasco.


WILLIAMS: Nicely, thanks, Katie. You recognize, I simply am amazed in any respect these far- left nuts, wing-nuts down within the SEC who needed to cancel the LSU Alabama sport for Saturday due to, guess what, COVID outbreak. Oh, these are clearly wild Democrats who would do such a factor.


WATTERS: They don’t seem to be locking-down down there.


WILLIAMS: Sure, why are they doing that, Jesse?


WATTERS: They don’t seem to be locking-down.


WILLIAMS: Look, 119,000 new circumstances, two-thirds of the states proper now on phrases of the rolling seven-day common is setting a report and we’re in a second wave, Jesse.


GUTFELD: What is the loss of life charge?


WILLIAMS: What we did within the first wave could should be repeated within the second wave. It is only a matter of claiming, you already know what, we care about one another —


WATTERS: You’ll lockdown, Juan?


WILLIAMS: I do not need to get sick.


WATTERS: You’ll lockdown, Juan?


GUTFELD: I would like all people to get sick and die, Juan.


WILLIAMS: If the scientist say to me, hey you already know what, proper now we have to lockdown. I might say, lockdown, OK, however for the way lengthy?


WATTERS: Nicely, the scientists on the WHO, what you guys need to rejoin, stated no lockdown.


PAVLICH: Nicely, we additionally know that —


GUTFELD: That is fairly a stand, fairly a courageous stand. I do not need folks to get sick. Let’s have a look at if we should always lock down or not. I am undecided.


WILLIAMS: Nicely, I am not — I am not a scientist. However you already know what, that is why.


PAVLICH: However Juan —


WILLIAMS: Existential, like we talked in regards to the phrase of the yr? Proper now — final yr it was existential, proper now it is lockdown.


PAVLICH: I feel additionally it is necessary to recollect the results of lockdowns too. Suicide charges are by means of the roof, drug overdoses, loneliness, all these different well being points. These are additionally penalties. “ONE MORE THING” up subsequent.




PERINO: It is time now for “ONE MORE THING.” I need to inform you about this younger man. 21-year-old Particular Olympics athlete Chris Nikic cross the end line on Saturday to turn into the primary particular person with down syndrome to finish an Iron Man triathlon. He achieved — he achieved this after he did a 2.Four-mile swim, 112-mile bike journey, and a 26.2-mile marathon run in Panama Metropolis Seaside, Florida. He accomplished that in 16 hours, 46 minutes and 9 seconds. He stated his aim was about inclusion and spreading consciousness about Down Syndrome and the Particular Olympics.


And his mother was too sick to make it all the way down to the Iron Man. And he visited her immediately and gave her his medal as he promised. And should you go to his Instagram web page, Chris Nikic, he additionally says he is on the lookout for a spouse as good as his mother. Congratulations, Chris. And, Greg, you are subsequent.


GUTFELD: So this was — this entire factor was simply to get a chick. I like this man. I like this man. Wonderful. You recognize what, that is the way in which it must be. All proper, I need to want Blissful Birthday to the US Marine Corps.


PERINO: Oh, glad, glad birthday.


GUTFELD: They turned 245 years outdated immediately.


PERINO: They appear nice.


GUTFELD: That is three Joe Bidens simply so you already know. Established November 10, 1775. We keep in mind that service and sacrifice of all Marines.




GUTFELD: And that’s it for me immediately.


PERINO: On today in 1999, I consider that my husband and his pal from England acquired so drunk in San Diego with a bunch of Marines after which I got here residence and I needed to clear it up. I am going to always remember it. OK, Juan.


PAVLICH: It was price it.


WILLIAMS: We’re a bit of bit greater than two weeks away from Thanksgiving 2020. So, check out folks lining up for a turkey giveaway. Thanksgiving is a joyful time. However this yr, as a result of pandemic and its impact on our financial system, plenty of individuals are having to wrestle to pay the worth of a giant chook. So, All Faiths Meals Financial institution in Sarasota, Florida has a aim at hand out 9,000 turkeys to households in want.


They’re additionally handing out all of the aspect dishes, the stuffing, and the cranberry sauce. As you may see from the lengthy line of automobiles, there’s loads of want.




WILLIAMS: However All Faiths Meals Banks, along with this, plans to serve 4 million meals to folks over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.


PERINO: Superior.


WILLIAMS: You recognize, America, we’re a household. And this American household has to return collectively. And I feel we might observe All Faiths’ mannequin in lending a serving to hand to others throughout the coming vacation season.


PERINO: Certainly. Jesse?


WATTERS: Talking of Marines, Veterans Day is tomorrow. So, if there is a veteran in your life, Fox Information Store has some nice items for them. That is one in every of my favorites. That is the proud information — not proud.


PAVLICH: Proud Individuals.


WATTERS: Fox Information Proud Individuals scarf. It is acquired an important colour, it pops, and it is actually heat. Now we have camo hats, Proud American hats, socks, 15 % off. The code, Fox vet. Store at


PERINO: Actually good. Now, Katie, we have got 15 seconds.


PAVLICH: I can do it. Tomorrow, Nationwide Parks and Forests, free entrance charge for veterans and a free — a lifetime go as properly.


PERINO: I really like that. Katie, you are one of the best at yet one more factor. All proper, that is it for us. “SPECIAL REPORT” is up subsequent.


Hello, Bret.


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