Jesse Watters: ‘Media makes use of racism to promote worry’


‘Watters’ World’ host Jesse Watters slammed Democrats and mainstream media Saturday for utilizing race relations in the USA to promote worry and management the inhabitants. 

JESSE WATTERS: Now, I’m not going to sit down up right here as a white man and say racism isn’t a difficulty or doesn’t exist – after all it does. However there’s this notion that racism is all over the place, even because the info inform a distinct story. In reality, America has by no means been much less racist than it’s immediately. Attitudes about housing, equality, combined marriages, discrimination in hiring, language itself. These attitudes have by no means been extra open-minded than they’re in 2021.

Within the final 20 years, race relations have been constructive, hovering round 70%. Blacks and whites saying they’re good. That’s till round 2014 when the notion of race relations began to say no somewhat. That is exactly the second social media exploded. Black lives matter got here onto the scene, and the Ferguson impact took maintain. Police officer pulling again and inner-city crime spiking.

The Democrat media performs a large position exploiting the racial divide. The notion of race relations additionally began to deteriorate simply at the very same time the New York Instances started figuring out an individual’s race of their information articles. ‘so and so, who’s white” or “so and so, who’s black.” These racial attributions on the time spiked in 2014, additional undermining America’s race relations. So, while you hear the media promote a narrative about racist white police searching down and murdering unarmed black males, and these are the info the media gained’t need you to know.

Final yr, there have been 50 million interactions between police and suspects, and 10 million arrests final yr. Now, out of all that, 18 unarmed black People had been fatally shot by police, and 24 unarmed White People. Police have killed extra unarmed Whites than unarmed Blacks. And that’s true to date in 2021 as properly. An unarmed Black American who a police officer makes contact with has a .000036% probability of being fatally shot. A research by the Manhattan Institute exhibits a majority of Black People and White liberals consider younger black males usually tend to be shot useless by police then die in a site visitors accident. That couldn’t be farther from the reality. They’re extra more likely to die in a site visitors accident.

So, how did our notion of actuality get so off-base? As a result of the media makes use of racism to promote worry. A scared inhabitants may be managed. The extra the Democrat media could make Black People worry whites, police, and Republicans, the extra probably it’s for Black People to vote Democrat.


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