Glenn Greenwald: Supporting US-Russia relations shouldn’t be seen as an indication you are a “spy for the Kremlin”


Journalist Glenn Greenwald joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to debate why the USA and Russia seem like transferring towards battle saying their relationship is “clearly at its low level.”

GREENWALD: The connection between the U.S. and Russia is clearly at its low level since any time at least for the reason that Chilly Conflict, there may be little doubt about that. The rationale I feel is twofold. One is that in ‘Russiagate,’ and the complete hysteria that surrounded it, there was this propaganda marketing campaign to persuade an enormous half of the inhabitants, specifically liberals and Democrats, that Russia posed as an existential risk to the USA and they believed it to the purpose the place they suppose the whole lot we can do towards Russia we ought to do, and in case you arise and query it as we’re doing now, it means you’re some type of spy for the Kremlin, which I am certain individuals will say about this section.

The opposite half is the battle on terror is winding down, we’re popping out of Afghanistan, so the query is how do you retain weapons producers, who exert enormous quantities of affect and energy in Washington, with the enterprise the place the federal government utilizing taxpayer cash to purchase weapons that do not do any good for anybody? The one that Biden tapped to run the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, actually got here from the board of administrators of Raytheon. The reply all the time will be Russia in case you scare sufficient individuals to consider that Russia poses a risk to their lifestyle, they will conform to maintain giving increasingly cash to the army price range within the identify of deterring or stopping them.

That is one of these instances the place it is helpful to return a little bit bit in historical past earlier than 2017. There was an enormous bipartisan strain marketing campaign on President Obama to ship deadly arms to Ukraine and all you’ve got to do is have a look at a map or historical past of how Russia was nearly twice destroyed within the 20th century to see the essential significance of Ukraine to Russia. However Obama’s level is right which is it has no essential significance to us so why would we need to threat confrontation with a nuclear energy over Ukraine? I feel the explanation individuals do not query it’s as a result of they’re afraid that in case you arise and say it isn’t price U.S. lives, U.S. treasure, or any type of U.S. curiosity to defend Ukraine from Moscow, you get accused of being an apologist for the Kremlin or somebody serving Russian pursuits and that is change into a very highly effective political weapon that shapes our discourse and is affecting all elements of our coverage.


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