Tyrus: Antifa simply want a ‘good old style spanking’


It is a rush transcript from “Gutfeld!,” April 30, 2021. This copy might not be in its remaining type and could also be up to date.


CRAIG MELVIN, NBC ANCHOR: After which there these rumors that the primary household was contemplating adopting a cat. Is that true?

JILL BIDEN, FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES: Oh, sure. And that’s true. Sure.

MELVIN: Are you able to affirm that?

J. BIDEN: He is ready within the wings. She. She is ready within the wings.

MELVIN: Was this your concept, Mr. President?

JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: No. Nevertheless it’s simple.


GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: He would not know what a cat is. Maintain clapping, what’s your downside? All proper. The factor about rebel, very like doing Whippets. It is solely enjoyable in small bursts, let it go and heated and even sympathize with it. It solely grows and like my bikini line throughout lockdown. It activates you. Jogs my memory the time I rescued a poor kitten exterior my residence solely to be taught a couple of months later, it was a raccoon.

No matter was initially lovable. Now evil. It is like relationships. Some girls date the unhealthy boy with the face tattoo as a result of he is enjoyable and harmful. Nevertheless it’s not enjoyable a yr later when he offered all of your furnishings and he is handed out in your front room which can also be the place he retains his bike and his meth lab. Which brings us to Antifa and Ted Wheeler, the mayor of Portland, Oregon. Final July he stood with rioters after 100 nights of Mayhem or as CNN referred to as it peaceable protesting.

As they tried to injure the police. He tried to play the hip stepdad promising he’ll purchase you a beer should you promise to drink it at house.


MAYOR TED WHEELER (D-OR), PORTLAND: With you, it doesn’t matter what. And if they need tear fuel towards you. They’re desirous to tear fuel towards me.


GUTFELD: Hmm, to avoid wasting his skinny white pores and skin there he was standing facet by facet with nuts, as if he was competing within the three-legged race at a Manson household reunion. And but they stored rioting. Bear in mind, it was Wheeler who rejected assist from the Trump White Home and slammed those that wished to revive legislation and order to a as soon as nice metropolis.


WHEELER: The phrases and actions from President Trump within the Division of Homeland Safety have proven that that is an assault on our democracy. Maintain your troops in your individual buildings or have them depart our metropolis.


GUTFELD: OK, Braveheart. Sure. How courageous is that rejecting lifesaving assist from Trump, simply saying can preserve road cred with the scum. And but the rioting did not cease. So, what did the mayor do subsequent? The identical factor. A month later.


WHEELER: I will do the work that I have to do right here in my area people with my native officers to take accountability for what’s occurring on our streets. And I would admire that both the president helps us or he stayed the hell out of the best way.


GUTFELD: Nicely, like Charlie Sheen’s enamel that has not aged nicely. Now you are later even a dumb ass like Wheeler would understand he selected the incorrect allies. Who knew you could not belief a bunch of offended dweebs wrapped in bandanas, torching buildings, whereas roaming the streets taking part in Pokemon Go? His new associates even confirmed up, present the respect by chasing him out of his very personal residence.

However Wheeler thought, hey, possibly if I pet the crocodile, the reptile will not eat me. Not so that they continued.



GUTFELD: I do know you assume anarchists would hearken to the pleadings of a weak mayor who appears extra at house instructing therapeutic massage remedy at a strip mall than working a metropolis. So lastly, like a mob rat working with the FBI, he introduced he wanted assist getting his previous allies arrested and unmasked and requested the general public to get their names and license plates to do the work that he refused to do.


WHEELER: Our job is to unmask them, arrest them and prosecute them. These individuals typically arrive at their so-called direct actions in automobiles they usually’re all wearing all black. For those who see this, name the police. For those who can present a license plate. If you are able to do so safely, that info might help later.


GUTFELD: Oh. OK, Rambo. Now he needs residents to danger their lives as if he backed them up when the (BLEEP) hits the fan. However we have already seen how he turned his again on the cops. However no shock to Antifa nonetheless went on damaging colleges and church buildings and naturally their possibilities of ever having success in life. And now they launch a video through which not solely do they ducked the mayor, they threatened to kill him.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have been asking for the final time that you just resign. For those who ignore this message outright the destruction to your valuable lifestyle goes to escalate. Blood is already in your palms the following time. It might simply be your individual.


GUTFELD: , I do know that alleged to sound scary, however the particular person behind that phony voice is a Dorito-stained blob, who needed to peel himself from his gaming chair for the primary time in months. And possibly that’s his actual voice. He is simply respiration heavy from standing up too quick. He possible has a hygiene downside as a result of he solely showers as soon as each moon part. Nonetheless, they threaten a political chief with dying.

Then once more, so did Madonna and Johnny Depp and it did not actually matter, however it ought to. However they’re now threatening a Democrat. So possibly it would matter for as soon as. I suppose you’d name this terrorism, however they are not Trump’s supporters are white supremacists. Sorry, that is redundant, based on the media.

By the best way, if you wish to see white terrorists, check out the mug photographs of Portland rioters, even for a metropolis that is 75 p.c white, they’re suspiciously pasty. Apparently, scholar mortgage debt causes inexperienced hair and pimples. I am beginning to assume the remedy for Antifa is getting laid. So, I get no pleasure over Wheeler being threatened and I hope he realized one thing from this. Apart from that it is not applicable to put on a cardigan to a riot.

However possibly you must facet with the residents earlier than you facet with those that need to harm them. That is on web page two of methods to be a mayor handbook. You thought that by courting the barbarians they might cease on the gate. They did not. They accurately surmised, you had much less balls than a bodybuilder on steroids. They usually ran you into the bottom like a rental automobile. That is what occurs while you fake that you possibly can be a mayor of a metropolis however you seem like you are suited to be supervisor at Circuit Metropolis. We’re right here for you, Ted, you need assistance. America’s bought you. Even when you do not get us.


GUTFELD: Let’s welcome tonight’s friends. They created a morning present to make him assume he has associates. Fox and Buddy’s cohost Brian Kilmeade. She’s the one Kennedy we dressed for a experience house. Host of “KENNEDY” on Fox Enterprise Community. Kennedy. He is so good. Einstein copied his homework. Former White Home press secretary and Fox Information contributor, Ari Fleischer. And each image of him is the massive image. My large sidekick and host of “NUFF SAID” on Fox Nation, Tyrus.

So Brian, you have been an extended standing supporter of Antifa for years. I guess you’re feeling fairly gross proper now.

BRIAN KILMEADE, FOX NEWS HOST: All proper. I remorse if I needed to decide a terror group. I picked the incorrect one.


KILMEADE: However I came upon it is not simply Antifa, it is also BLM collectively destroying town, which I believe is essential. One factor was fairly clear and solely this present put it collectively the ageing of Ted Wheeler. I’ve by no means seen someone age sooner —


KILMEADE: — than a person with 100-plus days of rioting. And there is one different factor I realized from Ted Wheeler that you must most likely be mindful and the nation ought to be taught from. You’ve gotten spent your life not pleasing individuals.

GUTFELD: That’s true.

KILMEADE: And that’s give you the results you want. And if day by day you do not please anybody and that Ted Wheeler tried to please and he finally ends up embarrass. So the Greg Gutfeld mantra is please nobody make nobody completely satisfied and the remainder of the nation can dwell fortunately ever after.

GUTFELD: I believe my spouse would possibly agree with that. OK. Good job.

KILMEADE: Your sidekick does.

GUTFELD: Sure. That is deeply hurtful. I need you to know that I am spending this weekend crying. Kennedy, that is your —



GUTFELD: Sure, that is true. , Kennedy, each time we speak about this, you all the time say Ted Wheeler is terrible. However the various is worse. So there’s truly — you possibly can add — should you say like they bought to do away with them. The subsequent alternative for mayor is normally like a squirrel with a methamphetamine downside or —

MONTGOMERY: That truly could be an enchancment.


MONTGOMERY: The girl that ran towards him they usually have been neck and neck going into the November election was truly an Antifa supporter.

GUTFELD: Proper.

MONTGOMERY: So possibly they’re making an attempt to get him to resign. They usually’re dumdums. They usually assume that the order of succession is simply the following one who virtually bought probably the most votes within the final election. That is not essentially the way it works. Nevertheless it’s actually unhappy to see town the place I grew up and devolve into this.


MONTGOMERY: They usually have been on an extended, gradual decline for fairly a while. And it is not stunning. And that is what occurs while you try to appease a bunch of home terrorists.


MONTGOMERY: It would not finish nicely. And this actually is — and I used to be studying this text at present to my 12-year-old daughter, and I used to be telling her that is what home terrorism is.


MONTGOMERY: Whenever you’re threatening somebody’s life, while you’re threatened to kill somebody for a political final result while you’re making an attempt to scare them into altering their habits. That is textbook terrorism.

GUTFELD: Sure. —


TYRUS, FOX NATION HOST: Your daughter goes to have nightmares. You are studying to her.

MONTGOMERY: Nicely, she’s already residing in New York Metropolis.


MONTGOMERY: Appears like an enormous enchancment mother.

GUTFELD: If I’ve children, I am by no means going to learn to them.

TYRUS: Good concept.

KILMEADE: Until you speak prompter.

GUTFELD: Sure, after all. What’s that imply? All proper. Sufficient. You. Ari, OK. All of us agree that terrorism of any stripe is unhealthy. However for some motive, one of these terrorism is sort of virtually excusable by our mainstream media.

ARI FLEISCHER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Nicely, after all it’s as a result of the left is tolerant. So while you tolerantly threatened to homicide someone, you are still being tolerant. Simply because the cloak that you just get to put on while you come from the smooth facet of the left.


FLEISCHER: And the press simply rolls proper together with it. However, , all of this nonsense started in Minneapolis after the George Floyd homicide. The mayor of Minneapolis mentioned the answer was radical love. For those who do not forget that. After which it unfold to the summers of affection in Portland and Seattle, which after all simply opened up the floodgates within the doorways for the hatred, the looting, of violence, the mayhem and the riots.

And this is delivered to you by the left and I am glad you condemn it. I am glad you convey consideration to it. And I am glad the mayor has flipped flopped after 100 nights of riots.

GUTFELD: Sure, , Tyrus, I have to ask you, should you have been mayor, how would you resolve this downside now or is it too late?


TYRUS: Oh, it could have been over a JUMP, it could have been over a leap. To begin with, I’d have supported my police division from JUMP, I’d have made positive they’d racism and all of the amenities they wanted and I’d have the Nationwide Guard in there like that, like what? Like that. There ought to have been — he had a — he had a second although he ought to have recognized that he was on the incorrect facet of it.

For those who watch the video when he turns his, me my constituents and there was nobody behind him. He watched that video again when he motioned to the again. It was empty chairs. Even the — even the crusing, this man was like, no, not me. It is on the tape. Watch it. However, , it is that previous — that previous story, The Frog and the Scorpion.


TYRUS: Would not matter the way you carry him and what you promise them ultimately they are going to sting you. This is not even a political group. You do not have sufficient depth to have a political agenda. It is simply give me free stuff or I will burn you down. If — they’re simply youngsters that want a great quaint spanking and who higher than the boys in blue and our Nationwide Guard to get issues proper down there.

MONTGOMERY: However they’re arrested however the DA is not going to cost them with something. So it is a catch and launch program. And Mike Schmidt who’s the D.A. in Portland has executed an unimaginable disservice to individuals who dwell there and companies in your entire neighborhood and to not point out individuals who would ever go go to there. Why would you?

TYRUS: See, if I used to be married, it would be catch and catch.

GUTFELD: Sure. Precisely.


TYRUS: Catch and hold. Catch and hold catching hold could be my philosophy and the final would have been out.

GUTFELD: However I’d be catch and launch however from a bridge.

TYRUS: Sure.

GUTFELD: No, no, no. A brief little bridge so that they land comfortably in water.


MONTGOMERY: It’s the metropolis of bridges.


MONTGOMERY: It is town of bridges.

GUTFELD: It’s a stunning metropolis of bridges.

TYRUS: Numerous fog too. Exhausting to determine. Let’s level that on the market.

GUTFELD: Being laborious to determine, what occurs like within the — sooner or later, this Antifa factor goes to die down. How do they get jobs? Do they get jobs? Are these simply — will we find yourself simply taking good care of these (BLEEP) idiots?

KILMEADE: Nobody’s working and now Antifa, all you need to do is apply for to get your unemployment poster in school no less than till — they are going to occur till no less than September.


KILMEADE: To allow them to’t wait or they can not get that busboy job they aspire to. It is not going to occur.


GUTFELD: No, no, no. Sure. Do not knock the busboys.

KILMEADE: I am sorry. I apologize.

GUTFELD: what, Fox and Pals elitists together with your curvy couches and your cooking segments assume you’ll be able to come up in right here and bash the busboys?

TYRUS: Proper. Sure.

GUTFELD: , neither (INAUDIBLE) would try this. The previous one or the opposite one.

KILMEADE: You might be — you are offended concerning the busboys than you might be about Antifa.


TYRUS: We do not know his backstory. We do not know his years of —


GUTFELD: I used to be raised by busboys.

TYRUS: Sure.


KILMEADE: I wish to see these adoption paper.

TYRUS: We’re lacking the purpose although, they’re out searching for jobs to get elitist to donate GoFundMe pages.



KILMEADE: No, what they need to be.

TYRUS: , they get — so there isn’t any level to work.

FLEISCHER: No, no, no, no, once they develop up, all of them need to be social media influencers, that is their job.

GUTFELD: Nicely, good luck with that. All proper. We bought to take a break. I am so enthusiastic about this subsequent block, it is Fauci vs. Rogan within the newest vaccine wars.


GUTFELD: It is the UFC versus the CDC. Podcast King Joe Rogan needed to clarify his feedback about younger individuals and the COVID vaccine after getting corrected by Pope Fauci. That is what Rogen initially mentioned.


Joe Rogan, UFC shade commentator: Individuals say, do you assume it is secure to get vaccinated? I’ve mentioned, sure, I believe for probably the most half, it is secure to get vaccinated. I do. I do. However should you’re like 21 years previous and also you say to me, ought to I get vaccinated? I’m going, no. Are you wholesome? Are you a wholesome particular person? Like, look, do not do something silly however you must care for your self. However there’s numerous jobs that may inform it is advisable have this.


GUTFELD: In fact, the one factor the media took from that was younger individuals need not get vaccinated. The headlines get written and it turns into a factor. Subsequent factor, , Fauci is getting requested about it on the at present’s present, by no means heard of it. Significantly, when is Pfizer going to provide us a vaccine to inoculate us from listening to Fauci’s opinions? Fauci mentioned Rogan was incorrect as a result of despite the fact that a younger wholesome one who catches COVID may not have signs, they may nonetheless unfold it to another person.


DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, DIRECTOR NATIONAL, INSTITUTE FOR ALLERGIES AND INFECTIOUS DISEASE: So if you wish to solely fear about your self and never society, then that is OK. However should you’re saying to your self, even when I get contaminated, I may do injury to someone else. Even when I’ve no signs in any respect. And that is the explanation why you have to watch out and get vaccinated.


GUTFELD: Nice. However that is not what Joe was speaking about. He was solely addressing the well being dangers of a 21-year-old alone. Anyway, now it is actually huge factor as a result of Fauci weighed in and now Rogan has to reply.


ROGAN: I am not an anti-vax particular person.


ROGAN: In actual fact, I mentioned, I imagine they’re secure. And I encourage many individuals to take them. My dad and mom have been vaccinated. I simply mentioned, I do not assume that should you’re a younger, wholesome particular person that you just want it, their argument was, you want it for different individuals.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So you do not transmit the virus?

ROGAN: That makes extra sense.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So I am a younger —


ROGAN: That is — however that is a special argument. That is a special dialog.



GUTFELD: Truthful sufficient. However keep in mind Joe’s previous job? It was nuts.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The popping sound is the outer membrane breaking. I by no means stop to be amazed at what you preach eat.


GUTFELD: Who would have thought man whose job was to get contestants to eat deer testicles wasn’t the most effective particular person to go to for well being recommendation? Sure, these have been deer testicles in case you missed. However you — no person remembers Concern Issue?

MONTGOMERY: I’d have dominated that present. I’ll eat something.

GUTFELD: Is that true?

MONTGOMERY: I had eaten so many alternative species of testicle. I’d have eaten canine, I’ve eaten snakes, I’ve eaten males trails —


GUTFELD: You actually eat balls.

MONTGOMERY: I do. I am stuffed with them.

GUTFELD: You are like a type of lotto machines.

MONTGOMERY: Sure. You simply pull my arm and woop.

TYRUS: If we have been taking part in I by no means, I would say I by no means.

GUTFELD: Sure. However what, Joe did not actually say something incorrect.

FLEISCHER: Sure, he did.

GUTFELD: That is a quite common sense sort of factor.

FLEISCHER: He mentioned one thing incorrect. For those who’re 21, and also you’re wholesome, get your vaccine.

GUTFELD: No, however —

FLEISCHER: That is — that — everyone ought to get it. And if there are individuals who only for spiritual causes, different causes do not and it is so long as teeny tiny minority revered. However should you’re 21, you are wholesome. Get your vaccine. So you do not get this factor from anyone else. Although it is not going to be extra severe than the flu for many younger, wholesome individuals. Who needs to get the flu? Get your flu shot, get this shot, it doesn’t matter what your age.

GUTFELD: Nicely, , Brian, I heard by way of the grapevine that individuals at Fox and Pals have been deliberately making an attempt to contaminate you with COVID.

KILMEADE: Which is sort of fascinating. It is sort of aggressive. I suppose I’m sort of abrasive to the crew. And I’ve a little bit of a mood.

GUTFELD: You do.

KILMEADE: So, I did not know I had enemies to not that time.


GUTFELD: I hear you do not speak to individuals within the elevator.

KILMEADE: That is true. Completely. So David Lee Miller bought you that info as a result of he’s our most interesting investigative reporter. What I did, in contrast to the best way Kennedy ready for this phase, specializing in deer.

MONTGOMERY: Oh, pure protein?

KILMEADE: Proper. I concentrate on the mathematics. And really Joe Rogan who’s bought actually $100 million to dig his podcast to Spotify. He is a type of influential individuals within the nation. So if you do not know him, get it and sustain with it. He additionally in the identical phase says he takes testosterone, ton of nutritional vitamins. So, he says that he’ll get vaccinated. However for a 21-year-old, the possibilities of dying from that is .08 p.c, so it is lower than one p.c.

GUTFELD: Proper.

KILMEADE: So what he is saying is definitely not incorrect.

GUTFELD: I do know. I do know. I agree. I agree. However I believe on this case, it is all about the price profit evaluation that you just make by yourself. What you are saying is that you just’re, , it would not harm, do it and also you need in actual fact, different individuals, however I believe — I do not know, my — I am it this fashion, Tyrus. I believe that prefer it’s simply the media — the media appears at Rogen they usually bought to take him down.


GUTFELD: As a result of he is discovered the third method. I imply, he would not — you’ll be able to’t — he cannot be canceled. He may do with it. Such as you mentioned he is with —


KILMEADE: However he is taken down his previous reveals, Greg,

GUTFELD: I do know. Sure.

KILMEADE: Did you see that?

GUTFELD: Sure. They are going to try this with Fox and Pals too. We’re truly going to –we’re truly going to take down — I heard that they are going to take down future Fox and Pals reveals earlier than they even air.

KILMEADE: That is — that’ll be the worst solution to get fired.


KILMEADE: You are going to be on nonetheless on the present however sooner or later, you are fired.


KILMEADE: Can you set the radio present subsequent time you set me down? As a result of I would really like some extra —


GUTFELD: I really like your radio present. I really like your radio present.

TYRUS: I have been on it. It is cool.

GUTFELD: Sure, sure.


FLEISCHER: It’ll get fired.


TYRUS: I imply — so your query was, , I bought — I wing it. I bought it.


TYRUS: He gave his opinion.


TYRUS: What’s incorrect to the place we won’t give our opinion anymore?


TYRUS: For those who go to Joe Rogan in your medical recommendation, then, , then, , you’ll be able to come to me about being — and good relationships your whole life. I imply, should you could — it is a — it is an opinion. And Fauci jumped in and I am not saying that he is been on the opposite facet of the fence. It has been complicated attempt to determine from the CDC what we will do and what we won’t do. They’re like, how are you going to get a vaccine? So nothing adjustments.


TYRUS: Nicely, I imply, it is complicated. So he gave an opinion and sure, he has an incredible viewership and he — and he is change into — he is the podcast is the best way they usually cannot contact this. In fact, they are going to assault him however you’ll be able to’t go after him after giving his opinion and he was open the dialogue.


TYRUS: And he mentioned — he — and he backtrack. I am glad he did not apologize. I am glad he did not write a 12-page essay about how sorry he’s.


TYRUS: Good for you. He simply mentioned that is what I assumed. He bought info, he goes, nicely, that is a special dialog. So he is the grownup within the room and sadly, the media and Pope Fauci aren’t. They do not need that.


MONTGOMERY: We — OK. We had lockdowns within the first place to guard older individuals, to guard who’re most susceptible to the vaccine. These are the primary individuals vaccinated.


MONTGOMERY: So should you’re speaking about who must be vaccinated first, it is individuals who have the very best danger of dying from the illness or being hospitalized. And so, the individuals who have the bottom danger possibly speak about individuals who ought to get the vaccine final. And possibly it is as much as them whether or not or not they get the vaccine.

KILMEADE: Would you agree with this, Kennedy? For those who may survive within the Octagon you must most likely be final to get the — I imply, Joe Rogan is a martial artist. He’ll survive.

TYRUS: Nicely, maintain on, maintain on, maintain on.

KILMEADE: However this isn’t survival, that is simply your hell.



TYRUS: He talks about it. He calls it and he goes, oh, he bought knocked out. No, you need (INAUDIBLE)

KILMEADE: Why is so hostile on a regular basis? Do you get him this offended?

TYRUS: No, Greg reveals me the notes you despatched him after I speak.

KILMEADE: Once more, I can not belief the man in any respect.

GUTFELD: All proper. Getting ugly. Determining. What makes males extra enticing? Nicely, you are it.


GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: If he likes carrying manufacturers, regulate his palms. A brand new examine finds males who put on luxurious clothes with outstanding logos usually tend to be dust baggage. That is science. Nicely, no less than extra more likely to cheat, based on analysis from the College of Michigan. They’ve universities in Michigan? Wonderful work, guys. How did you conduct this examine? Watch each season of the “Jersey Shore”? I guess in addition they came upon man with an enormous Nike brand is extra more likely to simply do it.

Research additionally got down to decide whether or not girls are extra interested in males and flashy garments or males who’re wealthy. Authors say such clothes helps facilitate mate attraction, but additionally signifies poor long run parental funding, which is mostly a sophisticated method of claiming (BLEEP). So, let’s go to the lady on the panel. I all the time like saying that. That’s you Kennedy for at present. You determine as a lady at present?

LISA KENNEDY MONTGOMERY, FOX NEWS HOST: Certainly, till the ladies’s restroom is stuffed with males, I’ve to go to the lads’s restroom. Use the toilet.

GUTFELD: I determine typically as a lady when there isn’t any line.

MONTGOMERY: Sure, at ballgames.

GUTFELD: Sure, precisely. I get fairly indignant. Anyway, the place are we?

MONTGOMERY: So, this I, I studied Evolutionary Biology at UCLA, and it was an interesting topic, as a result of a lot of it’s about , danger aversion and parental funding. And the parental funding for males will be as little as 30 seconds. For ladies, it is as low, and we’re speaking about, , hominids, not anatomically fashionable people. For ladies, it is the least parental funding is 4 years. So, you’ve much more should you’re a lady invested in truly getting pregnant, and males need to sign that they will procure sources.

GUTFELD: Proper.

MONTGOMERY: That you may be, you and your spawn will survive, your spawn will half spawn. That’s reproductive success. And, and the, the last word conclusion is, should you have been large logos, then you’ve very robust sperm, however you are not going to take care of them. Attention-grabbing.

GUTFELD: For this reason Brian carries round numerous sticks. Since you’re all the time off — you are making an attempt to supply to love construct a fort for girls.

BRIAN KILMEADE, FOX NEWS HOST: Proper, that’s true. I’ll say this do not ever name on her first and anticipate us to comply with up, you’ll not get a greater reply than that and interval. However I’ll, I’ll say this. That is the one time the place measurement does matter, and massive isn’t good. Small (INAUDIBLE) shirts imply it is a settling down sort, is that the conclusion? And these are the research the College of Michigan is doing. I believe should you go there, it is time to drop out. It prices $72,000 a yr, and I bought brand measurement research?

GUTFELD: It is a good level. , Ari, I used to be pondering like why do researchers do one of these examine? It is to allow them to ask women private questions at bars and brag about being a scientist. Oh, , that is only for my analysis. Would you want to come back again to my place?

AIR FLEISCHER, FORMER WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Proper. Now, that is the place the instructing assistants ship of their undergrads to do that laborious work, together with asking if girls are interested in males who’re wealthy. Sure, I imply college is to let you know this? However I do not, I do not after what it has been mentioned right here. If this was Harry, meet Sally, I’ve no response to that. What you mentioned what you mentioned, proper? Is he passing?


KILMEADE: Do you see my garments? Do you see what I am not carrying?

FLEISCHER: Which means you are simply settling down tight.

GUTFELD: Sure, , Tyrus?

TYRUS, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: To begin with, it is a hit piece. It is a full hit piece. There is not any secret you set a polo on there. I bought a polo on my shirt. I am not a whore. It is a alternative.

GUTFELD: By the best way, that is an enormous brand, however it’s on Tyrus.

TYRUS: However I believe what they’re making an attempt to say is that that males are likely to peacock. They attempt to present out and stuff like that. Nevertheless it’s not with garments. They try this for one another similar to girls with lingerie. That is for different girls although to indicate them their stuff guys do not they use garments to indicate that they bought their stuff collectively sneakers collectively. You entice a lady with a automobile or a giant piece of bijou or a jet that is why you see so many broke as brothers standing in entrance of someone else’s automobile and taking a smile placing on her Instagram.

Like anybody can a lady say anybody can have one good outfit. Sure, they all the time have a look at your sneakers. , I am saying everybody has one good outfit, however is he carrying the identical sneakers day by day? Sure, that is what they have a look at. This was executed by lonely scientists making an attempt to justify that nobody’s going nuts over their white jacket that they are strolling round in campus. And actually, you making an attempt to place over on Polo. It is a headpiece, is that this as a result of I made a joke about you not having associates final night time?

GUTFELD: Sure, I believe so.

TYRUS: First time within the historical past that Polo was being confused for peacocking.

GUTFELD: Brian, you solely have one pair of prime sneakers.

KILMEADE: Proper. I felt sort of unhealthy about this I hoped we go to interrupt proper after that remark.

GUTFELD: what —

FLEISCHER: I simply realized I had no concept that’s why girls checked out your sneakers. I realized that tonight I realized a lot

MONTGOMERY: Absolute — that is the very first thing you do. Whenever you’re sizing up the person, the very first thing you don’t is watch. You have a look at his sneakers watches are pretend however, however males do not assume their sneakers sign. They completely do. And, and second, the feminine model of the peacock is a p- hen.

TYRUS: Oh, nicely executed. Simply

GUTFELD: So, . I got here up with an inventory of indicators of untrustworthiness to be present in garments. If his shirt is roofed in blood.

TYRUS: I concur.

GUTFELD: Is he carrying a hospital robe on the road? Proper? Is there a blinking bracelet connected to his ankle? And final, if he is a grown man slash T.V. anchor who all the time carries an overstuffed backpack across the workplace.

KILMEADE: I’ll say this. You offered the query, we offered the solutions are these unhealthy issues?

GUTFELD: There are unhealthy issues.

KILMEAD: These are unhealthy.

GUTFELD: You’re a unhealthy particular person. Any person’s bought to let you know that.

KILMEADE: And when you’ve got bloodstains, it is tight it to get it out proper?

GUTFELD: However by the best way in the event that they haven’t any tripod it is prevented. That only for Brian Kilmeade. No person else. I will kill you. The pleasure can do it. All proper, do not go anyplace. Up subsequent, we learn how the whole lot I mentioned this week was 100 p.c correct.


GUTFELD: Welcome again. Let’s discover out if we bought something incorrect this week. For that, we go to our reveals Ombudsman, Steve Phoenix, Jr. Steve lives in a secret bunker 47 ranges beneath the earth and he watches T.V. 24 seven, largely within the nude. Now, he is been watching our present all week and he is right here to level out any errors we could have made. So, Steve, how did we do?

STEVE PHOENIX, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Actually, Greg, sadly, not nice. Not nice in any respect. Let me simply begin by saying that I am not mad at you. I’m simply dissatisfied in you. So let’s begin with Monday. On Monday, you mentioned this about vice chairman Kamala Harris. Mike amigo, you need to roll that clip?


GUTFELD: He thought that Kamala Harris was going to be the substitute, proper? The backup quarterback? Sure, I believe it is like as a result of it was the selection by the media, and never the selection by the individuals. As a result of she sucked in the course of the primaries. She was like she had the bottom quantity within the primaries, and now she’s, she’s like a heartbeat away from the presidency.


PHOENIX: Greg, she didn’t have the bottom quantity within the major. Earlier than she dropped out, she was pulling round 5 p.c she was forward of Yang, Bloomberg, Booker clover char Gabbert I’m 47 ranges beneath the floor of the earth. Completely nude slathered in a projective gel of my very own invention. And even I knew that.

GUTFELD: However you perceive —

PHOENIX: Now, I am making an attempt to be — sure?

GUTFELD: You perceive that? I used to be simply I imply, I wasn’t being actual. I used to be being directionally true.

PHOENIX: OK. OK. I am making an attempt to be constructive right here. You are getting defensive. We wish you to get higher. However how may you neglect about New York Mayor Invoice de Blasio, he had zero p.c assist, even in his house state. So, sure, Harris did not do nicely on the first. However she wasn’t the bottom. You might be by no means the bottom in something if Invoice de Blasio was concerned. And disgrace on you. Disgrace on you for not remembering. Truthful sufficient.

GUTFELD: Truthful sufficient. Truthful sufficient.

PHOENIX: Oh, so thanks. That is powerful love, Greg.


PHOENIX: And largely love.

GUTFELD: Talking of powerful love, is there an axe behind you?

PHOENIX: , my personal life is mine. And I maintain it very sacred. Let me put it this fashion, Greg, you’ll ultimately be on this room with me. All proper, so let’s transfer on. Can we transfer on?

GUTFELD: Sure, we will transfer on.

PHOENIX: Since you had a really fascinating concept this week about taxes. Mike, honey, you need to pop that up?


GUTFELD: I’ve this principle that like, as a result of we do not care anymore about, about deficits within the debt? Why? Why not simply not pay taxes for a yr?


PHOENIX: OK, let’s, , let’s begin with the positives. Actually fascinating query out of the field concept. Maintain asking questions, Greg. Maintain being curious. There are not any quote unquote dumb concepts, besides possibly that one. In 2016, economist, Howard Chernykh, was requested about the identical concept. And here is the issue, revenue taxes a couple of 50 p.c, 65 p.c of the federal authorities’s cash. So, if nobody paid taxes, the federal government must borrow much more cash or cut back spending. Which do you assume would occur, Greg? Rhetorical query, do not reply it. Sure.

GUTFELD: They’d borrow.

PHOENIX: Sure, we’d. We might borrow? Sure. Proper. Sure. OK. Nicely, that is progress. And we might situation extra debt and the Chinese language would find yourself proudly owning extra of us. Greg, Greg?


PHOENIX: Why would you like the Chinese language to personal us?

GUTFELD: I do not. What I am saying is we’re already in debt. So, what’s one other 2.5 trillion? We’re simply including that to the debt. So it, would not matter. That was my boy.

PHOENIX: I do not know why I am the 147 ranges beneath the earth and you are the one with a TV present. You must assume this stuff by way of Greg. And once more, I am not offended. I am simply dissatisfied. And let’s keep in mind although, it is a interval, not only for critique, however a time to rejoice some wins. Let’s rejoice some wins.

GUTFELD: OK, I am up for that. What wins?

PHOENIX: Brian? Brian Kilmeade. Actually, huge fan right here. Undecided why you are doing this present however you are a workforce participant and far respect. Earlier at present you mentioned on , frankly one of many actual reveals on this community. You mentioned, you mentioned this Mikey, you need to toggle that one up?


KILMEADE: Greg Gutfeld, who I do not personally like, however I do imagine is good at occasions and really profitable.




PHOENIX: that is, this is not actually a correction. I wished to agree with you and rejoice. I’m additionally not a fan of Greg’s.

GUTFELD: Proper.

PHOENIX: And as for the brilliance and success. Nicely, sure, that is America. It is not about expertise. However I wished to name that out. As a result of there’s a lot negativity today. And I really like that you just began out by lifting up the smallest amongst us. So Bravo.

Lastly, Kennedy, slightly factoid. I imply, I really like the whole lot you do. Big fan. Big fan. Why? Why? Why is that this not your present? However I simply thought, nicely, , you are good to say that. Portland, as you mentioned, what would occur if the Raider resigned, it could be even worse. Attention-grabbing truth about Portland. There isn’t any deputy mayor of Portland. If the mayor resigns, there’s simply no Mayor till the election. So, now —

MONTGOMERY: So, I get to be mayor.

PHOENIX: Nicely, I imply, I believe I believe that is one being made. I believe nobody being mayor of Portland is the very best final result for Portland.

What could possibly be higher? Proper? I assumed the entire thing Thanks.

Sure, you are welcome. started huge fan. Greg, my transmission. Now my transmission. Now it has to finish. The gel that I am masking is dying is drying and flaking. And I am sticking to my chair. Have an exquisite weekend. Greg,

GUTFELD: You too. Goodbye. Nice man.

Arising, what you contemplate blackmail, I name a phase you requested.


GUTFELD: All proper, time for a brand new phase that I am calling —

ANNOUNCER: “PUNCHING DOWN,” The place Greg reads your mail.

GUTFELD: Sure, welcome to “PUNCHING DOWN” the place I learn your mail similar to what the little jingle mentioned. All proper. Tonight’s version is sponsored by Squeeze It. As an Eight-year-old boy again in 1996, I used to run house proper after college and Squeeze It to the mail.

First one is from Mott, “Fox mentioned, this was going to be a comedy present what number of weeks in will the comedy truly begin?” Mott, the comedy begins the second you permit for work after which I finished by to bang your spouse. I child, I child that is not true. She normally involves my place. You do not get this sort of high quality leisure on “FOX AND FRIENDS.”

KILMEADE: Proper. We do not normally put down our viewers.

GUTFELD: Sure, it is referred to as punching down.

KILMEADE: Oh, sorry.

GUTFELD: See, subsequent is a query from Jessie, “When is your present being canceled?” Jesse, very quickly truly, which is unhealthy information for me and excellent news for you. They’re in actual fact canceling GUTFELD! And changing it with the viewer named Jesse Hour, the place you may be filmed in your small bed room emailing world well-known celebrities like me in between pleasuring your self to beginner porn on a musty twin mattress and consuming funyuns together with your toes. It will not do higher within the scores in my present, however you’ll beat Don Lemon. And that is all that issues.

Anyway, here is a query from Christie, “Why, why cannot you see that being terrible imply and hateful to individuals is not comedy?” Who mentioned it was Christie, are you listening to voices once more? I instructed you earlier than these voices aren’t actual Christy I hear voices too day by day the articulation of Clive oh and tells me to eat gentle bulbs. However I do not more often than not anyway in order that I requested you additionally ignore the voices in your head as nicely. Until they let you know to satisfy me on the Port Authority Bus Station this Saturday night time with a brown paper bag full of huge payments and a jar of mayonnaise.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Christy, that is Clive Owen go to the Port Authority Bus Station this Saturday night time with a brown paper bag full of huge payments and a jar of mayonnaise.

GUTFELD: Clive’s actually busy. George asks, “Are you on or off your meds?” George, if meds is a nickname in your mother, then sure, I am on meds and off meds and on meds. So, the reply is on and off. Additionally, George, are you able to make me a sandwich and depart it of their fridge earlier than you go to work? I normally get fairly hungry.

Subsequent query is from Norman, “Are you going to ever rent comedy writers for the present? Nicely, Norman, are you ever going to rent comedy writers in your face? Perhaps he is proper. That wasn’t my finest work. Really, we have employed a complete crew of comedy writers pumping out 5 star copy across the clock. I believe now we have tape of them. They get so excited once I talked about them on T.V. they usually do an amazing job. Keep proper there. Extra stuff is subsequent.


GUTFELD: Put that down, Brian. Earlier than we go, let’s do that.


GUTFELD: As , I took Wednesday off and determined to have a good time on this great metropolis referred to as Manhattan. I’m a star. Simply thought I would throw that in there. Went to Central Park and oftentimes their little promotional giveaways and there was a cart and a person making a gift of free Purple Bulls.

I do not usually drink purple pool as a result of I simply will get me to wired however there was Anderson Cooper, pounding him prefer it was nothing after which he simply could not deal with could not deal with it. With going loopy across the park bumping into individuals it was actually impolite. Very, very impolite. There he goes once more. Anyway, splendid fellow I would add. There you go.

Set your DVRs each night time so that you by no means miss an episode. Because of Brian Kilmeade, Kennedy, Ari Fleischer, Tyrus, Steve Phoenix, Jr., our studio viewers. “FOX NEWS AT NIGHT” is subsequent. I am Greg Gutfeld.

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